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Non-Teaching Jobs for You with an Education Degree

Talk to anyone with an education degree about their prospective career paths and you are certainly going to hear most, if not all, of them mention teaching as the one that they know of quite readily. This be as it may, one fact that we must acknowledge is that there are some who may have shown as much interest and passion towards education but they still don’t quite feel like a classroom setting would be the ideal place for work for them anyway. In case you happen to be such a kind, then you should know that a non-teaching job in education management may just be the right one for you.

Generally speaking, few degree programs have such kind of limited and stereotypical career paths as we have in the field of education. In as much as most of the education graduates end up in classrooms as teachers, this is not the only option for you as a graduate with an education degree. And even if you happen to be already in a school or college as a teacher and want to change, there is an opportunity for you to shift but still remain within your very relevant field-education. These opportunities to serve with your degree in education but out of the classroom setting abound and can range as far wide as from those of school administration, non-profits and the traditional corporate environments amongst a host of other non-teaching career options for those who may have passed with skills in education.

For this reason, for those who may be considering pursuing a degree in education and for the same want to know what the potential is in this in its fullness or you are one who’s already graduated with your degree in education and want to explore the various alternatives there may be, we have compiled a list of some of the non-teaching jobs that you may want to consider going forward if you don’t quite like the idea of serving in a classroom setting.

Talking of these career options you may want to consider going forward to allow you jump out of the classroom and into the front office is that of working as an education or school administrator. In case you are interested in making an impact on a larger group of students and society at large with your degree in education, serving as an education administrator may just prove to be the real deal for you. This is a non-teaching job for graduates with education where they serve as principals and superintendents who are tasked with setting policy and making decisions on a school wide or even district wide level.

If you have such unique abilities and a passion to work and help guide the students in their personal and academic development, then you may be advised to consider working as a school counselor.

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